Top 10 Furnace Safety Tips from City’s Choice Comfort Air

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Let’s talk about furnace safety. 

In this post, we’re covering our top ten furnace safety tips.

Check Your Lighting

One of the most important things to check in your furnace room is your lighting.

Remember to replace lightbulbs that are dim or not functional because they can pose a safety hazard.

Remember to keep a flashlight around in case of emergencies and also for regular inspections.

Stay On Top of Maintenance

Remember to stay on top of maintenance. People who neglect furnace maintenance often regret it later.

Look for spots around your furnace that could be signs of it needing repair. Rust could be one of these signs, but keep your eyes open for any changes.

If you ever hear unusual noises coming from your furnace like banging, rattling or popping, it could be a sign something is wrong.

Consider having your furnace maintenanced regularly by a certified HVAC technician at City’s Choice Comfort Air. 

It’s a great way to ensure issues never occur in the first place.

Call City’s Choice today!

Store Dangerous Products Somewhere Else

Make sure you keep dangerous products such as flammable materials away from your furnace.

Products like gasoline, ammonia-based cleaning products and paint thinners should never be kept near your furnace.

Be sure to clean around your furnace regularly and remove dust and debris.
Remember to clean around the water and heater tank.

If you have questionable products in the vicinity of your HVAC unit, be sure to keep them in airtight containers and as far away as possible.

Don’t Forget Ventilation

Always make space for proper ventilation around your furnace.

Make sure the area around your furnace is free from large objects such as boxes, furniture or anything else that could obstruct it. This includes old furnace filters.

It’s important to make sure the air intake vents are clear from debris.

Remember to take emergency repair work into account as well. Keeping the area around your furnace clean will make emergency repair easier.

Don’t Hang Laundry Near the Furnace

It’s best to avoid hanging laundry near your furnace because it reduces airflow.

If your laundry area is near your furnace, ensure the intake vents are clear and hang laundry somewhere else.

Hanging laundry near the furnace is also a fire hazard.

A City’s Choice technician would be happy to help you with your furnace maintenance.

Don’t Skip Annual Maintenance

Make sure your furnace undergoes maintenance annually to ensure it’s is working optimally.

A City’s Choice Comfort Air technician will be able to diagnose and solve problems, which will keep your furnace in running order and save you money in the long run.

It’s also important for your health and safety to ensure your furnace is running correctly.

Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Keep Them Updated

Carbon monoxide detectors should be installed on every floor in your home and near your bedrooms.

These devices could save your life and they often cost less than $50.

Remember to change your batteries and keep your carbon monoxide detectors in working order.

If you’re wondering about when to change the batteries in your carbon monoxide detector, set a recurring date to check them regularly.

Keep Kids and Pets Away from the Furnace

Children and animals can get into trouble if left unsupervised, which is why you’ll want to keep them away from your furnace to be as safe as possible.

The panel can be easily opened with household tools, which could be an issue.

Children and animals could also hurt themselves or cause damage to the furnace.

Schedule Tune Ups

If you haven’t set a date to have a furnace tune up, you should consider it now.
Call City’s Choice Comfort Air for a yearly furnace tune up.

We’ll ensure your furnace is up to date and safe.

Avoid Improper Installation at All Costs

Improper furnace installation poses a massive safety risk.

The installation of the furnace is often more important than the actual furnace.

Neglecting the proper installation of a furnace could pose major risks like gas leaks.

Many homeowners who install their furnaces by themselves are subjecting themselves and their families to potentially deadly consequences.

Avoid bad furnace and water heater installations by calling City’s Choice Comfort Air.

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